Apricots & Peaches

Availability Autumn-Winter 2017-18

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APRICOTS Traditionally in UK a wall or glasshouse fruit, growers are now getting good crops from trees grown in the open. Plant in a site that is not too exposed. The main hazard is their early blooming making them liable to spring frosts. Apricots are not susceptible to peach leaf curl.

All Self-Fertile and heavy cropping. Fans £60.00, Bush £30.00, Maidens £26.00

Bergeron – eat or cook, early September, makes a famous preserve, needs shelter.

Flavorcot Considered the best modern apricot for the area from Birmingham southwards. Large orange-red fruit, excellent flavour. Cropped well outdoors Notts 2011.Bush
Goldcot Golden yellow fruit with a thick skin. Resists leaf spot. Suits wetter climates than most other apricots.
Golden Glow Foundling tree from the Malvern Hills, hardy and a good cropper. Early August.
Tomcot New US variety being grown in the open in orchards around the UK. Rich flavour; large fruit. Torinel rootstock. Bush torinel
Vigama French variety;aromatic sweet. Flowers over several weeks so has a chance of missing the frosts.

MIRACOT  Aprimira – Mirabelle x Apricot. Sweet and juicy egg-shaped fruit with a yellow blush. August. £38.00

NECTARINE – LORD NAPIER – S.F. – Early. large, dark crimson fruit, white fleshed, juicy and delicious.Maiden £26.00

All Self-Fertile.

PEACH FANS @ £60.00

Peregrine  & Rochester

MAIDEN- bare-rooted – and BUSH – 7Lpot – PEACHES:-

Peregrine – SF highly esteemed white fleshed variety. Heavy cropping early August, freestone. Maidens £26.00, bush £31.00.

Rochester – SF  – largest of the yellow fleshed types, reliable cropper mid August.  Container only £31.00