Availability  Autumn / Winter 2016 – 2017

Please see our wholesalers catalogue for full list of available varieties and rootstocks:

On dwarfing Gisela 5 rootstock:£25.00 – makes a tree to about 3 metres – not suitable for thin, dry soils. Relatively easy to net against the birds. Krymsk 5 rootstock is similar.

on Colt – moderate – £19.00 – makes a tree of about 4 to 5 metres after 10 years, apart from Celeste, Morello and Petit Noir which stay smaller.

Trees on the more vigorous rootstock F12.1 are available to order.

Fans £60.00 on Colt. Fans should be ordered before November.

Po. = Pollination Period; SF = Self-Fertile, will crop without a partner.
Mdn = Maiden, 1 year old untrained tree.

Celeste Po.4 SF Naturally dwarf, excellent eating; Large dark red fruit. Early July.
Cherokee (Lapins) Po. 4 SF Large BLACK fruit, good garden variety. Strong upright growth. Early Aug

Meteor SF Cook or eat. 1st ‘Duke’ type cherry for some years, sweet/sharp, very heavy crops. 
Morello Po. 5 SF Classic cooking cherry, dark red, good use for a north facing wall. Aug., cooks earlier.
Petit Noir Po.?SF Large BLACK heart shaped fruit; quality eating; tree has a natural dwarf habit. Early August.
Stella Po. 4 SF Large, dark red, juicy, good flavour; good pollinator, universal donor. Late July Ghisela 5 Mdn.
Sunburst Po. 4 SF Large, red, sweet with good flavour. Late July. Ghisela 5, Fan
Sweetheart Po.3 SF Excellent late dessert cherry, picks Late August / September, long picking season.