Autumn/Winter 2018-2019

Please see our wholesaler’s catalogue for a fuller list of varieties:



Baldwin                              Mis-season Old variety recommended for flavour and vit.C; moderate crops.

Ben Connan
Early. Compact bush, large berries, high yield, mildew resistant. 
Ben Lomond
Late flowering, late July cropping. Heavy crop of sweet berries. Some mildew resistance.
Ben Sarek
Early. Similar to Connan but also good frost resistance. 
Boskoop Giant  Early. Large sweet fruit, thin skinned; vigorous bush; susceptible to spring frosts.  
Ebony NEW Large berried and sweet, resists most troubles except Gall Mite.
Malling Jet
Late. Heavy crop of sharp but well flavoured berries. Vigorous. sold out


mid. Can make very large berries of good quality; mildew and rust resistant.



Jonkheer von Tets


Laxton’s No.1

Very early, large fruit on long strigs, vigorous bush, crops well.

Good quality berries and very high mildew resistance.

Red Lake
Mid. Good all-rounder. 
Redstart Late. Sharp fruit good for jelly. Heavy crop. sold out
Rovada Late/very late ripening;large fruits on long strigs, heavy crops.



Blanka Late. Highest yielding whitecurrant. Large berries on long trusses. August.
White Grape
Large sweet berries, recommended for jelly and wine. A good northern variety.
White Versailles
Good all round variety, the standard for many years.