Figs, Mulberries & Hawthorns

Availability 2017-18

Please see our wholesaler’s catalogue for a fuller list of varieties:


£17.00 container grown young bush. £50.00 Fan. £38.00 quarter standard. Self-fertile.
Brown Turkey Probably the hardiest fig for outdoors, or inside the greenhouse.The most reliable cropping variety for UK conditions.

Brunswick       large long fruit, yellow fleshed, red centre, hand shaped leaves.

Dalmatie                            very large green quality fruit and attractive foliage

Figure Panache                   attractive STRIPED yellow/green fruit, yellow and pink flesh.

Ice Crystal                          ornamental deeply divided leaves, small sweet fruit

Jordan                                  hardy red fruit cropping from an early age

Noir de Carombe           high quality black fig

White Marseilles         large, pale green, pear shaped, ok outdoors in south UK.




£40.00 container grown half-standards

Chelsea [= King James] @ £40.00
Giant Fruit @ £40.00
Grown from cuttings from a tree in the Chelsea Physick Garden, planted by King James.Very good flavour.

Berries 2 or 3 times longer than usual, same delicious flavour.

Large fruited old form of Black Mulberry derived from a tree in Jerusalem. Early and delicious. sold out
Wellington @ 40.00 black x red hybrid, long cylindrical fruit, dark red, good flavour, long cropping season.

On thorn rootstock,  £20.00, bare rooted.

Pot grown, £37.00 .

Hedging hawthorn -the native Crataegus monogyna, and also Crataegus prunifolia, are listed on the Hedging  page.

Crataegus arnoldiana  Well flavoured large red fruits; beautiful small tree to 4 metres. Bare-rooted.
Crataegus biflora
Glastonbury Thorn – famous winter & summer blooming thorn. A variety of our common native hawthorn. To 6 metres. sold out
Crataegus orientalis Oriental Thorn – large yellow/red haws, grey/green leaves; small handsome tree. 7L pot.£27.00
Crataegus pinnatifida var. major ‘Big Golden Star’ grown for market for its large red, not golden, fruit in central Asia. 7L Pot grown.£37.00
 Crataegus succulenta ‘Jubilee’  A form of this North American specie with larger red fruits. 7 LPot grown. £37.00
Crataegus schraderiana  small silvery leaved tree; large purplish red fruits, the best for eating raw according to Ken Fern. 7L pot grown £27.00