Figs, Mulberries & Hawthorns

Availability 2018-19

Please see our wholesaler’s catalogue for a fuller list of varieties:


£18.00 container grown young bush. Self-fertile.
Brown Turkey Probably the hardiest fig for outdoors, or inside the greenhouse.The most reliable cropping variety for UK conditions.


£40.00 container grown half-standards

Chelsea [= King James] @ £42.00
Grown from cuttings from a tree in the Chelsea Physick Garden, planted by King James.Very good flavour.


Giant Fruit 7 litre @ £32.00 Berries 2 or 3 times longer than usual, same delicious flavour.

On thorn rootstock,  £20.50, bare rooted.

Hedging hawthorn -the native Crataegus monogyna, and also Crataegus prunifolia, are listed on the Hedging  page.

Crataegus arnoldiana  Well flavoured large red fruits; beautiful small tree to 4 metres. Bare-rooted.
Crataegus biflora
Glastonbury Thorn – famous winter & summer blooming thorn. A variety of our common native hawthorn. To 6 metres. 7 litre pot £39.00
Crataegus orientalis Oriental Thorn – large yellow/red haws, grey/green leaves; small handsome tree. sold out
Crataegus pinnatifida var. major ‘Big Golden Star’ grown for market for its large red, not golden, fruit in central Asia. 7L Pot grown.£39.00
 Crataegus succulenta ‘Jubilee’  A form of this North American specie with larger red fruits. 7 LPot grown. £39.00, bare root £20.50
Crataegus schraderiana  small silvery leaved tree; large purplish red fruits, the best for eating raw according to Ken Fern. 7L pot grown £36.00