Nut Trees 2018-2019

Please see our wholesaler’s catalogue for a fuller list of walnut and hazelnut varieties available:


ALMONDS   on St.Julien A rootstock. Maidens £26.50. 12 litre pot £42.00

Early flowering, shelter from cold winds.

INGRID – reliable variety with some leaf curl resistance. Ripens September.

ROBIJN – good flavour and leaf-curl resistance. Ripens September.


CHESTNUTS These are all Marron types giving 1 large useful nut per cluster rather than a mass of small ones.


HAZEL  mostly £15.00 bare rooted, some varieties available pot grown @ £28.00


BUTLER  USA. Large nut, good texture, strong flavour, moderately vigorous bush.
CLARK                                COSFORD USA. Early ripening in 2018, precocious, good flavour.Good flavour, thin shell, mod. growth, good pollinator.
ENNIS Germany. Med/large nut, good flavour, heavy and reliable cropper.
GUNSELBERT Med-large nut, good flavour; high reliable yield; mod vigour, shallow roots; abundant long catkins. Mid-late.
GUSTAV  ZELLER Vigorous early, large nuts, good yield, 2 or 3 times the crop of Kentish. Sold out
GEANT DE HALLE = HALLS GIANT Very large nut & good flavour; needs good drainage& a warm site. Mid-late.  Sold out



Large well-flavoured nuts. The traditional UK commercial variety. Pollinators: Nottingham or Cosford.

Heavy crop of large nuts, similar to Gustav Zeller. Pollinated by Gustav or Gunselbert.

LOUIS BERGER Mid season; large, long tapering nut; good flavour. Popular on the continent. Sold out
NOTTINGHAM COB Med size nut, thick shell; good flavour & regular good yield; excellent pollinator.
PURPLE LEAVED Purple foliage, good ornamental; moderate yield of high quality nuts. Sold out
RED SKINNED FILBERT Ancient variety with red skin on the kernels. Good flavour, late catkins, slender shoots.
TONDA DI GIFFONI Italian, med-high yield, large round nut, good flavour, very resistant to Bud Mite. Mid-late. Pot grown.
WEBB’S PRIZE COB  Large long nuts, similar to Kentish Cob but larger clusters; good in north. Mid.
WHITE FILBERT Medium sized, long. thin-shelled nut, pale skin on kernel. Excellent flavour, compact bush, suits north. Mid.

WALNUTS £45.00, 12 litre pots.


BLADDERNUTStaphylea pinnata – @£10.00

Tall shrubs to 2 – 3 metres, liking a moist soil. Produce leafy green bladders which hold a few hard-coated nuts with soft tasty kernels, about 1 cm across. Harvest when bladders shrivel. Dense fibrous roots make it useful for erosion control.


NUT PINES – Cropping may begin at 8-10 years, and cones may take 2 years to ripen. @ £8.00

STONE PINE – Pinus pinea – typically making an umbrella-shaped tree, the traditional Mediterranean source of pine nuts.

AROLLA PINE or SWISS STONE PINE – grows well cooler areas, after a slow start.