Availability Autumn / Winter 2017/2018

Please check our wholesaler’s catalogue for a full list of which varieties and rootstocks are available to order:


Quince A – moderate vigour, best all round choice; Quince C – 10% smaller

Pyrodwarf – slightly more vigorous than QA but just as early and productive.

Pyrus communis and Pyrus Kirchensaller are both very vigorous.

Maidens £18.00;  Bush & 2 year olds: £20.00; Cordon £22.00; Espaliers & Fans can be collected, or delivered locally by our van.Trained trees should be ordered as soon as possible as stocks are limited.

Pears will need a partner unless Self Fertile – SF or PSF. Trees in near neighbour’s gardens may be sufficient if not too far away. Family trees will have varieties that cross pollinate each other.

Pollination partners should share the same Po. period, or be in an adjacent period. E.g. A Po.3 pear will need a Po. 3 partner ideally, but should be ok with a Po.2 or Po.4.


Beth Po. 3 Reliable, heavy, precocious crops; sweet, melting flesh; upright moderate tree; Sept. QA Bush

Beurre Hardy Po.4 light green and russeted skin, tender juicy flesh, rose-water flavour, vigorous tree doing well on poor soils. Pick September,eat October.QA bush

Concorde SF Po. 4 Reliable, precocious crops, good flavour, juicy, melting flesh, stores well, use Nov. Q A maidens +QC bushQA, QC bushes.

Conference Po.3 PSF Heavy, reliable crops; fairly hardy, partly self fertile. Use Oct-Nov.QA; QC bush

Doyenne du Comice Po. 4 Superb quality, needs a warm site or wall, susceptible to scab, heavy crop in good year. Oct-Nov. QA bush

Emile d’Heyst Po.2  SF Medium size, yellow/green; sweet/sharp fruit, moderately juicy, good in North. Oct/Nov.Qa bush

Invincible SF Po.2  SF New French pear for cool sites, hardy, heavy crop, good pollinator. Better quality fruit than Fertility Improved. QA bush, QC mdn.

Jargonelle Po.3 Triploid – will not pollinate others. Long and good flavour, keeps for about a week, hardy, Tip B. Long bendy shoots, has been used for woven hedges. Early AugustQA bush

Onward Po. 3 PSF Medium, good quality, juicy fruit; heavy crops, does not cross pollinate with Comice. September.QC bush

Sensation Po. 3 Sport of Williams with red skin and foliage, same quality fruit and more ornamental. August.QC bush



ASIAN PEAR £18.00 On pyrus communis pyrodwarf rootstock = robust and early fruiting tree.

Kumoi SF Golden russet fruit, ornamental and useful, makes an excellent espalier. Pyrus kirch. maiden
Shinseiki SF One of the better performers in the UK. Pyrus k. maiden



ESPALIERS AND FANS    on quince A stock @ £64.00   * = self-fertile


Beurre Hardy



Doyenne du comice



William’s Bon Chretien


FAMILY PEAR TREES – three varieties on one stem –  on quince A stock @ £50.00

Conference / Concorde / Comice

Conference / Comice / Williams

Comice / Conference / Concorde


PEAR X ASIAN PEAR – BENITA Rafzas – NEW! – Large golden, round fruit, pollinated by pear or asian pear, crops well. Combines best features of both types of pear, crisp texture, sweet mellow flavour, hardiness and disease resistance. Maiden QA; Container bush QA £34.00.

BOLWYLLER PEAR – A pear x whitebeam hybrid £20.00.

Shipover – Po.3 Attractive small Bolwyller tree, downy silvery leaves, large blooms, small sweet yellow pears in August. Bush.


PERRY PEARS on Pyrodwarf [vigorous] and Pyrus Kirchensaller [very vigorous]

Maidens: on Kirchensaller £18.00; on Pyrodwarf £20.00.

Blakeney Red


Cannock – also cooks


Green Horse

Hellen’s Early

Hendre Huffcap

Judge Amphlet


Winnal’s Longdon

Yellow Huffcap