Plums, Gages & Damsons

Availability Autumn – Winter 2017-2018


For a full list of the plums, gages and damsons we can supply please see our wholesaler’s catalogue:

St Julien A – moderate: mdn £19.00, bush £23.00;  Wavit- semi-dwarfing: mdn £22.00, bush £24. VVA semi-dwarfing; mdn £22.00, bush £25.50.

Fans [on St Julien only] £60.00.

SF =self-fertile; S = St Julien A; W = Pixy; V=VVA


Aylesbury Prune  – Po.2 SF Herts 1897. Eat or cook. round and sweet, ripe late August. S maiden.

Blue Tit Po. 3 SF Medium , round, juicy, blue with rich gage flavour, good frost res. recommended for north. mid Aug. S maiden

Blue Violet Damson Po. 3 SF Lancs 1932. Sweet fruit eats raw when ripe as well as cooks, drops from tree mid August. S bush

Cambridge Gage Po.3 SF Small, yellow/green, juicy, prefers a warm site. Fan

Czar Po.3 SF. Hardy reliable plum, good frost and disease res., crops July/August. Dual purpose P, S mdn, bush, Fan

Denniston’s Superb Po. 2 SF Medium yellow fruit, gage-like flavour, heavy, reliable crops, good in north. Late August. S maiden P bush

Early Transparent Gage Po. 4 SF. Rich greengage flavour; heavy crop may need thinning, compact growth. August. S bushP bush

Farleigh Damson Po.3 PSF Small fruit, good quality, good in north, densely twiggy so good for hedging. Mid Sept. S bush

Herman Po. 2 SF. Excellent early dessert plum, 1 week before Czar and better flavour. Purple. Swedish, hardy. S bush Fan

Jefferson Po.1 USA. Hardy tree, suits north. Excellent quality fruit, very sweet. Needs early pollinator like Dennistons. early August. P bush

King of the Damsons Po.2 SF. Notts 1880. A.k.a. Bradleys King. Large fruit, regular cropper, mid-Sept P mdn & VVA mdn bush

Marjorie’s Seedling Po. 5SF Cook or eat late plum ripening late September. Good quality purple fruit. Late flowering but self fertile so no problem. S, P, Fan

Merryweather Damson Po. 3 SF Large Notts. damson, fair/good flavour, heavy, precocious, regular crops, sweeter than most, Sep Sja mdn; VVA mdn & bush.

Methley Po.1 SF. One of the best Japanese plums – Prunus salicina – small, sweet; red flesh and juice, mild flavour. Not for frost pockets. Early August. S bush

Opal Po. 3 PSF Medium, red/purple skin; gold, firm flesh, good flavour, dense moderate tree. Late July/Aug S bush Fan

Oullins Golden Gage Po. 4 SF Yellow skin & flesh, tasty but not a true gage, dual purpose, fairly healthy and good in north. Excellent for preserves or freezing. Can be picked early for cooking.Aug. PS bush Fan

Old Greengage Po. 3 PSF. Excellent flavour, moderate crops, green fruit S,P,V mdn bush Fan

Shropshire Prune Damson Po. 4 SF Best damson flavour, moderate but reliable crops, traditional hedgerow tree in some areas. Mid Sept. P bush Fan
Stella’s Star Po.3 Small but numerous fruits, ripens early August, eat or cook, precocious. Green fruit turn slightly yellow when ripening. Sja mdn.

Sweet Prune Damson Po.3 SF. Traditional German ‘Hauszwetche’ for plum cake and eating fresh. Ripens Mid-September. VVA mdn

Victoria Po. 3 SF Eats, cooks, preserves well; heavy yield –may need thinning or support; good pollinator; Aug/Sep  S, P, V mdn bush Fan

Warwickshire Drooper Po. 2 SF. cooker/eater, large yellow fruit; heavy, regular crops, weeping tree. Fermented to ‘Plum Jerkum’ is said to ‘leave the head clear while paralyzing the legs’. S, P mdn, bush.