Site Visits & Services

Consultancy Services from Phil Corbett


A popular service with people who would like “on the spot” advice before they take the next steps in developing their site. During a walk around the site I give my impressions of the species growing there and what they indicate, soils, microclimates and other notable features. I also give my ideas about how I would proceed next. This service does not include a written report but clients are free to take notes or make tapes.
The Low-Cost Site Visit is available from mid-May to mid-October and is priced at £150.00 per day plus travel expenses. It is offered on the basis that the visit can be made within a days return journey from Nottingham.


An ideal service for architects, land owners and anyone wishing to develop a site in an ecologically aware way.

A written report will be made containing notes on plant and animal species apparent during the visit, evidence of microclimates, notes on soils and water on site, and any other notable features. I can then go on to discuss which of these features might be worth conserving or controlling; and also what types of land use would be well suited to the site, making the most of existing potentials. A typical survey may take a few hours and the report may take about 3 or 4 working days to complete.

Please ask for details.


I’m often asked to teach on permaculture and similar courses, usually giving specialist input in sustainable horticulture.

This may include fruit and orcharding, plant identification, plant pathology, horticultural techniques, wildlife gardening, and nature rambles. Please ask for details