The Cool Temperate Nursery is situated on Newton’s Lane, Cossall, Notts, NG16 2YH. Its about 100 metres from the junction with the A6096, on the left and next to the private drive to Welltro and Willow Farms.

A MAP is on the Contacts page.  Or using the new addressing system: https://map.what3words.com/bumpy.saving.goods

If you wish to call at the nursery please contact Phil 07952 019376 to fix a time.

We’re also within a few minutes drive of the M1 junction 26, and about a mile from Nottingham Ikea.

Public Transport: Bus – the Trent-Barton bus service 27, stopping at Cossall Industrial Estate, about half a miles walk.          Rail – the newly-opened Ilkeston Station is about half a mile away, a walk along the A6096, Shilo Way, to Newton’s Lane.

Cool Temperate does not send unsolicited emails, and does not hold any data relating to customers other than contact information.




Due to advancing ill-health and decrepitude this will be the last season I can offer a general mail order service. Customers will still be very welcome to call and collect.  Pallet service for larger orders will continue. I expect the mail order service will end in April 2016, but possibly earlier if we run out of boxes before then.

‘Trees for Life’ – Frank P Matthews

This is the main wholesaler we use, because of the range of plants they offer and their high quality. We can order anything they have in stock, both edibles and ornamentals. Examine their catalogue here and get back to us for prices and availability:






Restoration Agriculture


What is restored? 

The eroding and exhausted farm land.

Restored to what? 

To a close parallel to the natural oak savannah that was there before agriculture arrived.

How is this productive ?

By using higher yielding versions of savannah species, like chestnut, hazelnut, grapes, apples, currants, cattle, pigs, hens, turkeys, fungi, flowers, bees, wildlife and plenty more, all in an integrated polyculture.

Mark tells how he produces more food and makes more profit per acre, almost without inputs, than the large scale arable farmers that are his neighbours – and at the same time hes making a sustainable and beautiful landscape.

SPECIAL OFFER –  because we love what Mark is doing:

full price £30 – our price £20 inc UK p&p – save £10 329 pages

 order using the contact form.







Sadly Hugh Ermen died peacefully at Canterbury in December 2009, after suffering declining health for the last few years.

Many people remember him as a horticulturalist, researcher and teacher. During the course of his career he acquired several honours, entitling him to a string of letters after his name, but he never used them, and his medals stayed in their box.

I was put in contact with Hugh by Harry Baker of the RHS, when I was looking around for information on own-root trees. And I received the information from Hugh in abundance. His letters were thick wodges of foolscap, often with drawings, and raising technical points that I had to ask Hugh to explain, which he did with another letter, and so the cycle continued.  Two years later I used Hugh’s own-root work to form the basis of the Coppice Orchard project, which enabled me to gain a Permaculture Diploma, and without Hughs work and kindness that would not have happened.

In his later years Hugh concentrated on apple breeding, and not having any land he crammed the back garden of his semi with hundreds of new varieties, grafting dozens onto each M27 rootstock for quick results. He was very successful, and part of Hugh’s legacy is his list of introductions: Red Devil, Wintergem, Scrumptious, Herefordshire Russet, Limelight, Cobra and the crabapples Nancy and Laura – the latter named after his  wife. 

Laura Ermen will continue some of Hugh’s projects, wind up others- ‘I’ll be glad to get at least some of the garden back’ she says.

Farewell Hugh – teacher and friend – we need more like you.
Phil Corbett.


About Cool Temperate

I set up Cool Temperate in 1996 to meet two main needs.

Since the early 1980’s I had been growing organic fruit and vegetables commercially on small parcels of rented land around the city of Nottingham, UK.

During this time several ideas for horticultural research occurred to me, but I never had enough land or time to follow them through. Anyone trying to supply all year round veg doesn’t have time for much else !

Later I got involved in designing orchards and forest gardens and other permaculture plots. I realised that there wasn’t a good individual nursery where the wide range of plants needed could be bought from, and who could give good organic advice.

So I set up Cool Temperate as a bare root nursery to both provide myself with an income during the winter months, leaving me mostly free during the summer for research work, and also to fill this gap in the market.

This has enabled me to pursue a few new developments, notably the Own Root Fruit Tree project and the Coppice Orchard.

Cool Temperate isn’t just me. There are several keen volunteers involved, the occasional part time paid worker, and now on the new nursery site a small team creating a start-up herbaceous nursery – they need the space and I can market their surpluses.

I also work regularly with architects, landscapers, designers and growers needing both horticultural and environmental input.

The nursery has created a need for large quantities of organic compost. To meet this end I first devised the “Compost Hedge” which has spread out to become the “Compost Coppice” which will be planted on a large scale when i get a new site. This will produce compost from shredded fast growing plant species, fed sustainably by vigorous perennial nitrogen fixing plants.

The Name
Cool Temperate” is the ecological term for the vegetation zone that most of the UK lies in. It is the area of deciduous forest that runs across Europe. To the south is the “Warm Temperate” or Mediterranean zone, and to the north is the “Boreal” or coniferous forest zone.

Phil Corbett