Most varieties are available as maidens or bush, and some as trained trees. Please order Trained Trees, Fans & Family trees before November as stocks are limited.

Please check our wholesaler’s catalogue for new varieties, choice of rootstocks, and basic info:

Autumn – Winter 2018/19

Prices, bare-root: Maidens 15.00, except for maidens on M25: £17.00; Bush and older trees:£18.00; Espaliers £64.00; Fans £60.00; Cordons £22.00


Rootstocks, with approximate height:

M27 – 2 metres very dwarf M9 – 2.5 metres. dwarf
M26- 3 metres semi-dwarf MM106 – 4 metres. semi-vigorous
OR Own Roots, vigour varies with variety- n/a this year

USE : D = Dessert; C = Cooker; DC = both;

SEASON by months; 11 = November, 1 = January

Po = Pollination period.

The blossom season is divided into 5 of periods. For best pollination choose varieties that blossom in the same period. The period just before it or just after should also be satisfactory. E.g. variety with Po.4 will be best pollinated by another Po.4, but varieties with Po.3 or Po. 5 will also overlap the Po.4 and pollinate it.
SF = Self Fertile – does not need a pollen partner; PSF = Partially Self Fertile

SF and PSF will give reasonable crops on their own , but may crop more heavily with a partner.

Trip – Triploids – these have no viable pollen, so will not pollinate other varieties or themselves, and are best grown with 2 or more other varieties to ensure all-round pollination.

ESPALIERS – 2 or 3 tiers of horizontally trained shoots with a central stem for extending the system upwards. Please order these before September as stocks limited. NOTE:Espaliers and fans cannot be sent by carrier, I can only offer collection or local delivery, though larger orders can be sent by pallet.



For collection from the nursery only, or van delivery in the Nottingham area.

Please place your order early as numbers are limited.

FANS AND ESPALIERS @ £64.00 each. * = self-fertile


Trees currently in stock at Cool Temperate’s nursery:


FAMILY APPLE TREES on mm106 @ £52.00 each – makes a tree 3.5 / 4 metres tall eventually.

Cox Self-Fertile / James Grieve / Katy

Herefordshire Russet / Cox Self-Fertile / Fiesta


BESS POOL – D 11-3 Po.5 1700’s Notts. Late, medium-large dessert that also cooks. Rich and almost aromatic in January, sweet dry crumbly flesh. Named after the girl who found the tree growing wild in a wood. Bare root on mm106



Hen’s Turds – on crab