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Mostly £9.00

Bedford Giant – early,crops late July/August, sweet berries, very vigorous and thorny, good barrier plant. 

Cacanska Bestrna Early. Very large fruited, up to 15 gms. Thornless, good health. Serbia.

Himalayan Giant – early/mid season, moderate crops good for cooking, very vigorous and thorny, good barrier plant
Loch Maree Semi-erect thornless type; heavy crops with a better flavour than Loch Ness. Double pink blossom gives an ornamental bonus.
Loch Tay Semi-erect, thornless, better flavour than Loch Ness and preferred by Waitrose.

Oregon Thornless Parsley Leafed ornamental foliage, thornless, useful along paths etc., mild flavour, mid/late.

Thornfree Thornless, good quality, very late variety so a warm autumn helps make a big crop.
Triple Crown Said to have the best flavour of the erect types. Crops from late August till the frosts. Good shelf life. Thornless and vigorous.
Boysenberry Sweet, tasty, blackberry type fruit in July. Good drought resistance. Thornless type only, normal vigour.
Buckingham Tayberry Thornless version of Tayberry also slightly less vigorous.
Japanese Wineberry £9.00 Ornamental, red bristly stems, pink flowers July, orange fruits. Good at altitude.

Loganberry, Thornless Thornless version of Loganberry and slightly less vigorous.                                                                Loganberry ‘Thornfree‘ a new named thornless variety @ £10.00
Tayberry Large dark red fruit, sweet, juicy, mild flavour, makes excellent jam. Buds may be killed by hard frosts in exposed sites.
Tummelberry Simiar to Tayberry but hardier and cropping a week later until end of August. Scottish bred.



Chinese BrambleRubus tricolor – Vigorous evergreen groundcover bramble, bristles but no thorns, needs lots of space. Stems may arch upwards to 60+ cms if congested. Occasional mild orange fruit £8.00

Nepalese RaspberryRubus nepalensis – evergreen groundcover bramble, spreads over approx 1 metre, hardy to approx -9c., red fruit sharp but good. Best given some shade and dislikes drought. Plant 45-60cms apart for cover. £8.00

Taiwanese BrambleRubus calycinoides – carpeting evergreen, plant 60 cms apart for cover, orange fruit early summer. £8.00.

Rubus ‘Betty Ashburner‘ – evergreen groundcover, plant at 60-100 cms to make cover. Will fruit if planted with one of its parents – R. tricolor or R.pentalobus nearby. £8.00