Gooseberries & Hybrid Berries


GOOSEBERRIES bare-root £7.00
Captivator Late. Red berries with good mildew resistance. Pear shaped fruit with good sweet dessert flavour. Bred Canada.
Careless E/Mid. Heavy crops of large yellow fruit, slightly sweet, moderate bush. Mainly culinary.
Dan’s Mistake Mid. Excellent flavour. Very large red hairy fruit; heavy crops, spreading habit; fruits mostly on 1 year old wood.
Hinnomaki Red Red-fruited and disease resistant heavy cropping Finnish variety.
Hinnomaki Yellow The same good points as Hinnomaki Red but a yellow skinned fruit. Good flavour.
Invicta Mid. Green fruit, good flavour, heavy crop, vigorous thorny bush, resistant to mildew.
Jubilee Early/Mid. Derived from Careless – long smooth fruit ripens yellow; good flavour; freezes well; vigorous upright bush; some mildew resistance; dessert or cook.
Langley Gage Older variety with quality white fruits, like nectar, late July. Upright neat bushes.
Leveller Large golden berries, good crops, reliable. A very popular and relatively easy variety to manage.

May Duke Mid. Red smooth fruit, cooks June for pies etc. Excellent dessert flavour July, compact bush.
Rokula Very early red berries, dessert quality, on a fairly weak drooping bush. A modern variety with good mildew resistance, but fruit may crack with irregular moisture supply.
Whinhams Industry Mid. Red berries, excellent flavour, vigorous, very susceptible to mildew, superb for wine.
Whitesmith Mid. Vigorous upright bush, then spreading, large berry, very good flavour. The first white gooseberry to fruit and a good all-rounder.

Xenia – new Swiss variety with pink/red berries and almost spineless. Crops well but not immune to mildew.

Black Velvet Purple/black berries , good gooseberry type flavour, spiny bush to 1.3 metres. A good substitute for barbed wire, rooting where branches touch the soil. Not available this year.
Jostaberry Black berries with pleasant flavour, good for preserves, and highly recommended to me for fruit crumbles. Spineless bush to 2 metres. It was pest-free but this summer the leaves were eaten by gooseberry sawfly.

Worcesterberry Black berries; good sharp flavour, spreading bush to 1.3 metres, with large curved thorns. Makes an excellent impenetrable hedge.