Grapes & Kiwi

Autumn / Winter 2018-2019

Please see our wholesaler’s catalogue for a longer list of vines:

Our grapevines are grafted to avoid the deadly Phylloxera root aphid, which has been reported in the UK recently, and so far has been contained.


Lakemont Seedless @ £14.00 Yellow, seedless with good muscat flavour. Resists mildew and downy mildew.Indoor and outdoor cultivation.


Boskoop Glory old highly-rated black/red dessert, considered best bulk producer for UK conditions, did very well in recent poor summers.
Regent New red variety for wine or dessert, inside or out, resists mildew & downy mildew.
Phoenix very large muscat berry, turns yellow when ripe in October, heavy crop. Wine or dessert.
Strawberry Grape  Rich flavour with hint of strawberry. Easy to grow. Ripens late September.
Triomphe [d’Alsace]  Wine grape, heavy yielding, ripens October, some resistance to powdery mildew, Does well in urban back yards.

Solaris  white grape recommended for wine in the UK, and also sweet enough for juice or eating.


KIWI £23.00 Perennial vine-like climbers. Need a warm site to crop outdoors but are reliable croppers in the greenhouse. They have attractive foliage and scented flowers so make a good ornamental, with crops outdoors in warm summers as a bonus. Plants are usually either male or female, meaning you need at least one of each gender to get fruit. However our selection is self-fertile, and only one plant is needed for fruiting. Sold out

Solissimo Self-fertile, likes a warm spot outdoors, or in the greenhouse. Larger fruits than Solo, which it replaces.


Prima Donna – reaches 2-3 metres. Out of the East Malling hop breeding project, this new dwarf hop produces excellent cones for brewing as well as young shoots for cooking as a vegetable in early spring. Deciduous climber – stems die down each autumn, but makes a good summer screen. Sold out