Quinces & Medlars

Availability 2018-2019

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Maidens on Quince A: £20.00

Aromatnaya            May be eaten fresh in a good year; smooth round fruits, heavy crops

Champion Regular heavy crops of greenish-yellow fruit.
Meeches Prolific Bright golden yellow pear shaped fruit, excellent flavour, precocious.
Portugal Large oval fruit, pale orange, early ripening.
Serbian Gold a.k.a. Leskovacka. Heavy yielding, round fruited commercial variety.
Vranja Pink tinged flowers, large pear shaped fruits, golden yellow; reliable cropper, good flavour. Maidens

Bush on Quince A, 12 L pot, £42.00

Royal said to have a better flavour than Nottingham as it is less liable to splitting on the tree.
Nottingham Large fruited popular variety, also ornamental with large white flowers and large dark leaves. Fruit tends to split. On thorn. Maiden £20.00, bush 12 Litre pot £42.00


Chaenomeles x superba Boule De Feu

Rounded shrub to 2m with masses of orange-red blossom from late winter giving way to masses of quince-like fruits. Use as per quince and useful where the climate is too cold for true quinces. The seeds can be bitter.This variety chosen for its abundant flowering and cropping.

Chaenomeles japonica Cido or ‘Northern Lemon’

Shrub to 1.5 m. Origin Latvia. Orange flowers winter/spring; apple-sized fruits ripen Sept/Oct with high vitamin C levels and twice as much pectin as apples. Grown commercially Baltic states for fruit preserves etc. £7.00