Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

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Raspberry canes are liable to drying out. Buy early, plant quickly, and keep the roots moist if you have to store. Allow for a few spares to fill gaps later. They appreciate plenty of organic matter dug in before planting. Avoid planting on a spot where they are known to have been grown previously. £16.00 per 10






Yellow autumn fruiting variety, a sport of Autumn Bliss but slightly sweeter.

new yellow autumn type, cropping mid-season.Large firm berries on spine-free canes.

new autumn type, orange/red firm berries with good shelf-life.

Glen Ample Mid season. Spineless, large quality fruit, picks over a long season. Needs good conditions.
Glen Prosen Mid season. High quality variety excellent for freezing. Good general health.
Glen Coe – Purple Raspberry£6.00  .Cross between U.S. Black Raspberry and Glen Prosen. Ripening purple, good flavour, high mid-season yields. These canes only sucker from the base, making the plant more like a semi-erect shrub that stays in its place, rather than the traditional wandering raspberry. Good health and spine free. Suits pot culture. Tip new canes at about 75 cm to encourage branching so giving more fruit the following season. 
Tulameen Mid / late variety with very large fruits with good flavour, and high total yield. Spine-free. Canadian origin.  
Tadmor New late-maturing summer type with superb fruit quality.