Rock Dust – Scottish ground basalt. Mineral-rich rock flour which many people rate highly for restoring fertility.

20 kg bag – £10.50 collected, £25.00 if sent by carrier. Sold out.

Dolodust – ground magnesian limestone – provides Calcium and Mangesium in approx equal measures. Will not raise pH above 6.5. Gentle and safe. 25 kg bag £8.00.Sold out.

Mulch Mats for trees
woven black polypropylene 1m x 1m squares with centre slit and hemmed.
£1.95 each
Plastic Pegs
for fixing mulch mats. 6 inch long. 8 needed per 1m x 1m mat.
10 p each
Spiral Tree Guards
protection from rabbits and strimmers. Brown plastic 18 inches high.
35p each
Tree Stakes sawn to 4ft x 1.5”x1” and  tanalised. £1.50 each
Cane Caps
avoid a nasty poke in the eye. Green plastic. Suit medium to thick canes.
£1.00 per 10 / £9.00 per 100


TREE BOOST – New starter preparation for tree and shrub planting – contains mycorhiza, slow-release trace elements, humates and bio-stimulants.

Developed over several years by Frank P Matthews nurseries for their own use, with the Glenside Company. To be added to the soil when planting .

Sachets of 100gms £3.00 each, one sachet treats one tree